Our mission has been and is to dedicate our entity to develop and produce an one of a kind and special type of hand drip coffee in an all-in-one hand drip coffee package   

From sourcing coffee bean of 100% Ethiopia, Kenny, Kilimanjaro, Guatemala, Colombia origin, we do everything in our hands for processing, roasting, fermenting, nitrogen seal-packing and putting all together completely sealed ground coffee and the coffee filter designed in the image of real mug cup    


Never before have we been more serious about making the top notch coffee and drinks, yet in the simplest and the most convenient way that our customers can ever ask for.  

Not only have we developed and produced what is called “hand drip coffee” in an all-in-one coffee product set into which delicately sealed coffee and cup-shape coffee filters are packaged, we have introduced a numerous type of coffee product of other types, such as mixed coffee and one-cup mix coffee, lemonade, kombucha, tea bag products, and milk tea products, etc.